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Richest Deities In India

India's archeologists started a massive treasure hunt following claims of a seer who dreamt about 1,000 tonnes of gold buried underneath a palace in Daundia Khera village in Uttar Pradesh. The saint claims if the treasure found, it can potentially revive the ailing Indian economy. If his claims come true, then the palace will be yet another addition to the many wealthy historical monuments in the country. India, known as the land of gods and goddesses, sees millions of devotees flocking to various shrines every year. These shrines, revered for their spiritual significance, are showered with precious gifts worth millions of rupees by the devotees. Let's take a look at some of the richest temples in India.

5. Siddhivinayak temple: A temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Siddhivinayak temple is located in Prabhadevi, Mumbai in Maharashtra. Frequently visited by commoners and celebrities, the temple rakes in up to Rs 48 crore every year. It is reported that a Kolkata based businessman once donated 3.7 kg of gold that was coated on the dome, perched on the idol.

1. Padmanabhaswamy temple: Located in Thiruvananthapuram in the state of Kerala, Padmanabhaswamy temple is considered to be the richest in the country with treasure worth Rs 1 lakh crore. Reportedly, a treasure worth $4.9 billion was discovered in the secret chambers of Padmanabhaswamy temple in 2011. The temple is one of the 108 Divya Desams of Lord Vishnu, one of the principal centres of worship of the deity in Vaishnavism. The shrine is administered by a trust headed by the royal family of Travancore.

2. Tirupati Balaji: Tirupati Balaji, located in the hill town of Tirumala in Andhra Pradesh, is the second richest after Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala with an annual income of Rs 650 crore. Also known as Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, it reportedly receives 80-100 kg gold and 100-120 kg silver as offerings every month. Apart from offerings by devotees, the temple also earns by selling tones of hairs, collected from pilgrims who have their head tonsured as "Mokku" an offering to God. It is reported by BBC that more than 75 tonnes of hair are sold annually worldwide, which adds more than $6 million to the coffers of the temple.

3. Vaishno Devi temple: Vaishno Devi temple is located in Jammu & Kashmir. Despite being situated at an altitude of 5300 feet, every year over 80 lakh pilgrims flock the famous temple. The average estimated annual income of the shrine is believed to be about Rs 500 crore.

4. Golden temple: Golden temple, also known as the Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib, is a prominent Sikh Gurdwara in Amritsar, Punjab. The 16th century shrine has its walls embellished with wooden panels and also intricate gold and silver work. The temple approximately gets 40,000 visitors every day.

6. Shirdi Saibaba temple: Dedicated to Indian guru and yogi, Sai Baba, the Shirdi temple is one of the most popular destinations for Hindu pilgrims. The temple is visited by 20,000 pilgrims during a day. During festive occasions, the number can go up to 100,000. The popularity of Sai Baba, who is revered by both Hindus and Muslims, brings many devotees from around the world to the shrine, donating offerings to the trust. It is reported that an unidentified person in 2012 donated diamonds worth Rs 1.18 crore to the temple\'s trust. The temple has gold and silver jewellery worth approximately Rs 32 crore and silver coins worth more than Rs 6 lakh. It gets annual donations from devotees worth Rs 350 crore.

The Highest ODI Chases

The team batting first usually believes that it has done its job, before the chasing team shows, that being second-best can acquire a altogether new meaning.

AUSTED: Riding on Ricky Ponting\'s 164, the Australians finished with a mammoth total of 434/4. Herschelle Gibbs struck 175 off 111 to put South Africa on track; Mark Boucher\'s half-century then saw the Proteas going past the finish line with one ball remaining. Date: March 12, 2006. Venue: Johannesburg. South Africa: 438/9.

ROHIT MAN, DHAWANTED, VIRATTACK : Chasing Australia\'s total of 359/5 was no trouble for India, as Rohit Sharma (141*), Shikhar Dhawan (95) and Virat Kohli (100*) blazed away. India won with 39 balls remaining. Date: October 16, 2013. Venue: Jaipur. India: 362/1.

McMILLAN and McCULLUM: Matthew Hayden struck 181 as the Australians made 346/5. Craig McMillan (117) and Brendon McCullum (86*) weren\'t too bothered as New Zealand chased down the target, with three deliveries remaining. Date: February 20, 2007. Venue: Hamilton. New Zealand: 350/9.

FLYING PAST THE KANGAROOS: Michael Hussey\'s 105 took Australia to 336/4. Mr.Ross Taylor struck 117 to lead New Zealand\'s reply, before Peter Fulton (76*) and Craig McMillan (52) took charge. Brendon McCullum (22*) struck the winning runs with 8 balls remaining. Date: February 18, 2007. Venue: Auckland. New Zealand: 340/5.

MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK: Jonathan Trott\'s 137 powered England to 333/6. Michael Clarke\'s 70-ball 82 saw the Aussies register a successful chase, with four balls remaining. Date: February 2, 2011. Venue: Sydney. Australia: 334/8.

HOLY SCOTT: Michael Hussey top-scored with 88, as the Australians finished with 331/7. New Zealand\'s chase revolved around Scott Styris (101), but he perished in over No.42, with still some distance to go. Brendon McCullum (50*) and Daniel Vettori (23*) saw the team through. Date: December 10, 2005. Venue: Christchurch. New Zealand: 332/8.

CHASE CAKE: Graeme Smith top-scored with 84, as South Africa put up a total of 326/3. In reply, Adam Gilchrist\'s 34-ball 52, and solid efforts Ricky from Ponting (92) and Darren Lehmann (91) saw Australia winning with 5 balls remaining. Date: April 6, 2002. Venue: Port Elizabeth. Australia: 330/7.

HAPPY KOHLI: Centuries from Nasir Jamshed (112) and Mohammed Hafeez (105) saw Pakistan finishing with a total of 329/6. Virat Kohli\'s 148-ball 183 ensured that India would end up with winning smiles. Date: March 18, 2012. Venue: Mirpur. India: 330/4.

WHEN THE UNDERDOGS BITE: Jonathan Trott top-scored with 92, as England made 327/8. The minnows Ireland, however, sprung a surprise winning the game with 5 balls remaining. Kevin O\'Brien played the innings of his life, making 113 from 63 balls. Date: March 2, 2011. Venue: Bangalore. Ireland: 329/7.

ONE FOR WALLER: Ross Taylor (119) and Kane Williamson (100) powered New Zealand to 328/5. Malcolm Waller\'s 74-ball 99 saw Zimbabwe chasing down the target with one ball remaining. Date: October 25, 2011. Venue: Bulawayo. Zimbabwe: 329/9.

Yuvraj Singh Six 6s

Yuvraj Singh Six 6s

Six No.1 - India batsman Yuvraj Singh hits a six off England\'s pacer Stuart Broad in the ICC World Twenty20 match at the Kingsmead Cricket Stadium in Durban, 19 September 2007.

Six No.2 - Singh is pictured sending the second delivery over the park. India won the toss and decided to bat first against England, setting a target of 218-4 in 20 overs.

Six No.3 - He smashes a third consecutive six sending the audience into a tizzy and crackling up the atmosphere and excitement in the field.

Six No.4 - He does it again in the fourth delivery and both the crowd and Singh want more.

Six No.5 - He slams a huge one with number five as MS Dhoni could only watch from the non-strikers end.

Six No.6 - And off the park it goes! He later mentions having butterflies in his stomach before hitting the sixth six. He said: "I knew that if I managed to hit it for a six it would be very special. It was a great feeling when I saw the ball go over the boundary."

He brought up his half-century off only 16 balls to defeat England by 18 runs and stay in contention for the semi-finals in the ICC World Twenty20.

Singh (R) smiles as he is greeted by England\'s fast bowler Stuart Broad who he hit for six sixes in an over. He hit the second highest number of sixes in the tournament (12 in six matches).

India\'s Yuvraj Singh (C) receives congratulations from England\'s Andrew Flintoff [R]. He was awarded with the ICC Twenty20 International Performance of the Year at the LG ICC Awards 2008 for his feat.

Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh poses with his award at LG ICC Awards 2008 in Dubai on September 10, 2008.

5 Foods For Healthy Hair

While external care (shampoo, conditioner, keeping the scalp clean etc.) is a must for keeping the hair healthy, a balanced diet containing hair-friendly nutrients is also of paramount importance. Minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, selenium, magnesium etc. play a vital role in keeping the hair and scalp healthy. Protein is also crucial for ensuring good healthy hair growth.Protein deficiencies or low-quality protein can produce weak and brittle hair, and can eventually result in hair fall.

While external care (shampoo, conditioner, keeping the scalp clean etc.) is a must for keeping the hair healthy, a balanced diet containing hair-friendly nutrients is also of paramount importance. Minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, selenium, magnesium etc. play a vital role in keeping the hair and scalp healthy. Protein is also crucial for ensuring good healthy hair growth.Protein deficiencies or low-quality protein can produce weak and brittle hair, and can eventually result in hair fall.

Vitamin C Foods - Vitamin C is brimming with collagen, a protein which helps in maintaining hair follicles, blood vessels and scalp. Fruits like oranges, lemons, pineapple, strawberries, guava etc are great sources of vitamin C. Green leafy vegetables also contain vitamin C and iron which is another great nutrient for healthy hair.

Brown Rice - It is a good source of protein and it gives your hair the shine you?ve always wanted. Apart from this, it makes you feel full for longer durations and helps suppress your hunger pangs. Brown rice is also rich in vitamins and fibre.

Dal - Legumes are widely accepted as rich sources of protein. An ½ cup serving of dal can easily offer about 6 gm of protein. Besides, dals are rich in minerals like potassium and magnesium. However, you should not solely depend on dal for your daily protein intake.

Calcium-rich Foods - Calcium is also a key nutrient for maintaining hair health. Now a lot of calcium is used up by daily wear and tear and one needs to consume adequate calcium-rich foods to replenish lost calcium. Dairy products are excellent sources of calcium. So are grains. Calcium also makes your hair shine and not to forget that it also gives you healthy, stronger bones.

Fight Hair Loss With These Common Foods

Add colour to your food palette by having a well-rounded diet and foods, especially rich in iron, zinc, protein and silica. So, eat right and say goodbye to hair loss now.

Do you fear tying your hair in a ponytail because of your receding hairline, courtesy hair fall? Do you shudder from looking at a bunch of hair strands in the shower? Well, what you eat may affect not just your skin, but your hair too. Find out which foods have the magical potion that can help you get rid of the stocked worries!

Carrot is not only good for your eyes, but excellent for scalp nourishment too. For hair to be strong from roots, carrot provides beta-carotene which is turned into vitamin A by our body. Vitamin A enables scalp to produce scalp-sustaining hair oil that helps to keep the roots nourished. Moreover, carrots also strengthen hair follicles and increase blood supply to the scalp that stimulates hair growth.

Silica is a trace mineral that strengthens our blood vessels and improves and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. It also strengthens our hair apart from the apparent benefits to our nails and bones. It is recommended that since with age silica level reduces in our body, you must start consuming foods that are rich in this mineral. For example, baked potatoes, red and green peppers, cucumber skin and bean sprouts.

Green leafy spinach is a superfood to combat hair loss woes. It is a good source of beta-carotene, folic acid, vitamin B, C and E. Along with this, spinach is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are all known to maintain scalp health by boosting scalp oils circulation and strengthening the hair follicles. Include spinach in the form of juice, salad or a dish for dinner.

Walnuts fall in the hair-friendly category as they are a storehouse of protein, omega-6 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin (B1, B6 and B9) and iron. All these nutrients reduce hair loss, but here is a word of caution: walnut has traces of selenium, a mineral that may cause hair loss in people who have either too much of it in the system or are selenium deficient. Moreover, overeating in the quest of quick hair growth will be costly, as it will make your hair thin. So, stock up some walnuts in your kitchen cabinet, but eat in moderation!

Hair is essentially made up of protein thus it makes sense to eat a protein-rich diet, especially lean proteins. Unlike red meat (also a source of protein that is high in fat) protein found in fish is low in testosterone increasing fats. Researches over the years reveal that high fat diets increase testosterone level, which is linked to hair loss. So, if you are eating red meat, pay extra caution to avoid hair loss.

Eggs are known to reduce hair fall considerably owing to the nutritional quotient. They are high in omega-6 fatty acids, iron, zinc, proteins and vitamin B12. So, if you have deficiency of any vitamins and minerals, eggs will take care of it. You can either include it in your diet or prepare an egg hair pack as it is an excellent hair conditioner.

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Bananas

From curing dry skin and dull hair to curbing your untimely hunger pangs and burning fat, banana does it all. It is one of the most versatile fruits, which is packed with nutrients that are essential for our body. Besides this, banana is used for many homemade beauty treatments as well. So, take a look at some surprising health and beauty benefits of this amazing fruit.

Keeps your skin moisturised and hydrated\r\nBanana contains Vitamin B6, C and a high percentage of water, which nourishes and hydrates the skin. These nutrients also help to maintain the elasticity of your skin. So, add bananas in your daily diet.\r\nIf you are looking for instant solution to moisturise your dry skin, just apply pulp of a ripe banana on your face. Leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

Say goodbye to ageing\r\nBananas protect the body against the damage caused by free oxygen radicals, which can speed up the process of ageing. So, you can also use a banana peel to get rid of wrinkles.\r\nAll you need to do is, apply fresh peel on your face for 15 minutes every day to get the maximum benefit out of it. You can also make a banana face pack by mashing half a banana and adding a teaspoon of rose water to it. Keep it on your face for about 30 minutes. After that, wash it off with water.

Foot care\r\nDue to their moisturising properties, bananas are great for your cracked heels as well. Just mash two bananas into a pulp, apply it on your feet for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off with water. Follow this treatment religiously and your feet will become soft and smooth.

Get rid of puffy eyes\r\nBananas are a rich source of potassium, which can help to reduce the puffiness of your eyes instantly. You need to mash half a banana and apply it on your eyes for about 15 minutes. If you find this to be too messy, then just place banana peels on your swollen eyes. All these solutions will help you to get rid of your puffy eyes.

Refreshing smoothie made using fresh strawberries and bananas&

Treating skin problems\r\nBananas are very effective in treating acne and pimples. You need to take a small piece of the peel and rub it gently on the affected area. Do this till the peel turns brown. Then clean the area with some water. Follow this simple routine thrice a day to get rid of those pimples.

Get smooth and silky hair\r\nBananas are rich source of natural oils, carbohydrates, potassium and vitamins. These nutrients keep your hair healthy and smooth. They also nourish them, and prevent breakage and split ends.\r\nAll you need to do is mash a banana and add a little almond oil to it. Apply it on your hair, leave it on for about 15 minutes and then wash it off. Your hair will be revitalised and moisturised by the vitamin C and A present in bananas.

Improves your mood\r\nBananas contain tryptophan, which is a type of protein. This helps your body to produce serotonin, a hormone that is known for its calming and mood-enhancing properties. That is why bananas is good for those who are suffering from depression.

Classic Banana Split Recipe5:29\r\nThis retro dessert is a family favourite and is perfect to share. Chef Jonny Marsh adds his unique touch to the recipe by making up a delicious home made strawberry syrup to serve with the bananas, cream, mini marshmallows and crunchy meringues. It\'s a perfect dessert to get stuck into with friends and family on a hot summer\'s day.

Fat burning food\r\nBananas are a filling fruit, which is why they help to curb your untimely hunger pangs. Also they are full of natural sugars, which can provide you with instant energy. So, grab a banana the next time you crave for food at odd hours. (Also read on more Fat Burning Foods for Weight Loss)

Low cholesterol and blood pressure\r\nAs mentioned earlier, bananas are a rich source of potassium, as well as calcium and magnesium. These essential nutrients help to keep your blood pressure under check. Also, pectin, a fibre which helps to reduce cholesterol is found abundantly in bananas. So, add them to your diet to soak in their wholesome goodness.

Stronger bones\r\nBananas contain probiotic bacteria, which helps the absorption of calcium in the body, thus strengthening your bones. Also, the potassium in bananas helps to prevent calcium loss from your body. This lowers your risk of developing osteoporosis later in life.

Improves digestion\r\nBanana contains fructooligosaccharide, which helps to stimulate growth of good bacteria in the stomach, particularly the colon. It also produces enzymes that helps to improve the overall digestion.\r\nSo, instead of investing in expensive food supplements and beauty products, just buy some bananas from a fruit vendor.