Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Top Ten Tips To Slow Ageing

Most of us think that ageing is a threat to our sense of self-worth and quality of life. Several of us even try our best to fight off ageing for as long as possible. Though you cannot the stop the ageing process, you can surely slow the process by making certain lifestyle changes.

1. Healthy, balanced diet: What you eat always shows on your face. Make healthy food choices ? there are some foods which are recommended for anti-ageing ? like garlic, olive oil, broccoli and sea food. While garlic helps in getting rid of cholesterol, olive oil fights heart disease. Steer clear of junk food and high-calorie food.

2. Relish your food: Never wolf down your food. There is nothing worse than gulping down food without relishing it. Always appreciate your food, eat slowly and chewing it thoroughly. Take a minimum of 20 minutes to eat your food as this helps in easy digestion and lowers stress, reducing the occurrence of wrinkles. 

3. Go green: Green,leafy vegetables must be a part of your daily diet. Studies have shown that antioxidants such as Vitamin E, C and Selenium help in reducing the process of ageing and also help in removing free radicals that damage your body. Beetroot, spinach, onions, corn, eggplant, olives, pineapple, grapes (black), orange, banana and watermelons are rich in antioxidants. In addition, Vitamin C in particular helps your skin by reversing the sun damage and also slows down the ageing process. 

4. Sun protection: You might love the sun. But your skin might not feel the same, so never step out of the house without slapping your daily dose of sunscreen. And if your tan or burn easily, wear tops/shirts with full sleeves in order to protect your skin. Also, carry a hat or umbrella to protect your face. Though sunlight will help you absorb Vitamin D, make sure you don?t bake in the sun as this will lead to wrinkles, freckles and dry, rough, leathery skin. 

5. Avoid smoking: Cigarette smoke can damage your skin and make you look old. Experts suggest that inhaling even one puff releases over a trillion free radicals into our lungs. Also, smoking depletes your skin of all the oxygen, reduces blood flow to the skin resulting in lifeless, unhealthy complexion. In addition, smoking also leads to premature lines on the face, wrinkles and loss of radiance. So, if you don?t want those wrinkles to mock at you, it?s time you stopped smoking. 

6. Mental exercises: Learn something new every day. Travel, learn a new language or at least a new word ? go ahead and challenge your brain and keep yourself mentally alert, no matter what your age is, as exercising your brain is one of the key elements to quality ageing. 

7. Beauty sleep: It?s not called beauty sleep for nothing! A good seven hours of sleep will ensure that you wake up feeling fresh and looking radiant. A good night?s sleep also helps in rebuilding your energy levels, maintains vibrant skin, stops the appearance of puffiness around your eyes and regenerates your body, slowing down the ageing process. 

8. Stretch yourself: There are scores of studies proving that exercising is the best way to maintain good health. Walking or hitting the gym or exercising for at least 30 minutes every day is a must to slow down ageing. Apart from helping you reduce weight, heart disease, blood pressure, exercising also improves your mood, helps you sleep well and ensures beautiful, radiant skin. When you exercise, you skin becomes thicker, giving way to more, healthier collagen which gives your skin the flexibility and strength. 

9. Keep stress at bay: Stress always affects your overall health and wellbeing and in addition, it also gives you wrinkles. Therefore, it is important to identify the cause of your stress and work towards busting it. Try yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques and steer clear of negative thoughts. This will help in reducing the occurrence of wrinkles. 

10. Cleansing, toning and moisturising: Remember don?t ever go to bed with your make-up on. Make sure you follow the Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising regime religiously before going to bed. If you are too tired, cleanse your face with the facial cleansing wipes. Also, exfoliate using a gentle scrub once or twice a week. Use a face wash instead of harsh soaps as they might rob your skin of moisture. Make a herbal face pack with two tablespoon honey, two tablespoon ground almond paste and half teaspoon lemon juice ? apply on the face and neck, leave it for 20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water. This face pack is also a great exfoliating agent! 

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