Monday, February 17, 2014

Bollywood Personalities Who Died Mysteriously

Known as the purveyor of all things rich and famous, Bollywood has also seen some rather tragic deaths that makes you wonder if all the glamour and fame is worth it in the end. Here is a list of bollywood personalities who died mysterious deaths.

On 10 October, 1964, Guru Dutt succeeded with his third suicide attempt. When found dead in his rented flat at Peddar Road. Dutt has been a depressive with his checkered innings with Bollywood for some time then.

Budding actress Divya Bharti who was recently married to producer Sajid Nadiadwala fell to her death from her five-storey apartment in Versova. Despite much speculation ? was it suicide? was it murder? ? the investigation reached a dead end and the case was closed in 1998. 

Remember the long-haired guy from ?Dil Hi Dil Mein?? He was named Kunal Singh and his death by hanging in 2008 caused quite a flutter in the industry after his father claimed that Kunal had been murdered nor was a suicide note found at his house.

Like Babi, Madhubala too ruled hearts of millions with her performance in movies like ?Mughal-e-Azam?, ?Howrah Bridge? and ?Mr and Mrs 55?. And like Babi, she died a lonely death with no one at her side with no one to look after her in her final days. Her marble tomb was adorned with ?aayats? and verse dedications from the Quran but even her final resting place was uprooted in 2010 to make way for newer graves.

Manmohan Desai?s films are the template from which Bollywood potboilers are drawn. The director of iconic movies such as Amar Akbar Anthony, Coolie, Parvarish and Aa Gale Lag Jaa. His death created as much curiosity as his earlier films after he fell off his residence building at Grant Road in Mumbai. Details about the real nature of his death are still shrouded in mystery. Some people speculated that Desai had committed suicide as his later films had not been successful while some others claimed that his chronic back pain had abetted his fall.

Smita Patil, the beacon of parallel cinema in the 1980s and someone who even surpassed Shabana Azmi for her thespian prowess died when giving birth to her son, Prateik. 

Parveen Babi was so paranoid that she would only consume Coca Cola and eggs, the only two items she believed her would-be assassins could not contaminate. She was found dead in her apartment with complications related to diabetes in 2004.

India?s first bonafide porn star Silk Smitha became a household name for her role in Malayalam skin-flick ?Layanam? (1989). She was also found dead in her Chennai apartment on September 23, 1996. A botched attempt at becoming a producer merged with her alcoholism had created a lethal cocktail of acute depression.

PRIYA RAJVANSH The actress of ?70s hits such as ?Heer Ranjha? and ?Haste Zakhm? was found murdered in Chetan Anand?s bungalow on March 27, 2000. Rajvansh had been Chetan Anand?s live-in companion for many years. After Anand?s death, she inherited some property along with Chetan Anand?s sons Ketan Anand and Vivek Anand. Rajvansh?s handwritten letters nailed veteran actor Dev Anand?s nephews who, in connivance with their employees, killed Priya Rajvansh. In her last days, Rajvansh wrote anxiety-ridden letters fearing for her life, a premonition that indeed came true on that fatal night. All her killers were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in July 2002. 

MEENA KUMARI At 40, the arc of Meena Kumari?s life came full circle. She died in pretty much the same impoverished circumstances she was born in, a victim of liver cirrhosis due to alcohol abuse. It was an addiction that has cost her her looks and her magnum opus, ?Pakeezah?, took as much as 14 years to complete. Towards the end of her tether she was reduced to character artiste roles. Her lover, Kamal Amrohi, and she had a turbulent relationship due to her alcohol abuse. When ?Pakeezah? finally hit the silver screen in 1972, Meena Kumari became an overnight legend. Sadly three weeks after the film?s release, India?s tragedy queen died from complications of the liver.

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