Wednesday, February 26, 2014

7 Green Recipes Your Toddler Will Love

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month so we've collected 20 tried-and-true recipes, every one of them full of good-for-you greens from spinach to zucchini, kale, cucumbers and a few fruits too. The secret to raising healthy eaters is getting them hooked on the good stuff early on and it's not as hard as it sounds. These are the tips and tricks that work for my three kids (all under five) plus two other top bloggers' best bets for toddler-approved green food.

Foodlets\r\nToddler-Friendly Spinach Salad\r\nToddlers don\'t like salad. At least mine don\'t, or didn\'t until I punched out little cucumbers and carrots into the shapes of hearts and stars. At this age half the battle is just getting them interested enough to try something.

Yummy Mummy Kitchen\r\nHealthy Mint Chip Milkshake (With Spinach!)\r\nEven a milkshake can be better for you. I love this idea from Yummy Mummy Kitchen: add pureed spinach to a homemade mint chip milkshake.

Foodlets\r\nOven Roasted Broccoli\r\nHands down, this is my number one tip and it works for all veggies. Roast broccoli in a hot oven with olive oil and salt. Everything gets crispy on the edges and delicious all over. Let those doughy fingers pop a floret right into their mouths.

Foodlets\r\nSimple Shrimp Couscous with Zucchini & Tomato\r\nSometimes I really love dinners that are more about assembling than cooking. To a big pot of couscous, add any lemon vinaigrette, cooked shrimp, raw tomatoes and zucchini plus plenty of feta cheese. Individual plates optional.

Foodlets\r\nEasy Spinach Rice\r\nJust add a little chopped spinach to your next pot of rice. I like frozen organic chopped spinach since spinach is on the Dirty Dozen list (produce that\'s smart to buy organically due to pesticide use).

Mom\'s Kitchen Handbook\r\nAvocado on a Bagel\r\nToasted bagels are one of life\'s great pleasures and even toddlers know it. Make your next morning a little healthier by smearing soft avocado on top and sprinkle on a few grated carrots for good measure. This is just one tip from Mom\'s Kitchen Handbook, a site brimming with amazing ideas for the whole family, and lucky for us, Katie Morford\'s got even more right here

Foodlets\r\nFast Sauteed Zucchini\r\nWhen there\'s no time to heat an oven and dinner needs to be on the table 5 minutes ago, I fire up a pan, add zucchini, a pinch of salt plus a splash of oil. It\'s a kid-approved side dish served in minutes.

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