Sunday, February 23, 2014

12 Health Foods That You Should Never Eat Again

In the age of quick fix meals, we have become increasingly dependent on pre-packaged and processed foods. While you may feel settled with the convenience and health benefits such foods offer, what you fail to evaluate is their overall nutritive value. It is high time you say no to these foods and stay safe, both physically and financially. So, here are 12 such foods, which you should instantly strike-off from your grocery list.

Multigrain atta\r\nPackaged multigrain atta variants that are available in the market are often not as ?multi grain? as they claim. Always read the ingredients on the packet to see that the whole wheat is the first, and main, ingredient on the list. If not, you are just getting few assorted grains added to the normal wheat flour. So, it would be easier and cheaper for you to make your own variants at home. This way you will be assured about the quality and ingredients.

Soy milk and soy substitutes\r\nMany people do not know that most of the non-organic soy ingredients are genetically modified. Also, most of the soy additives are processed using a chemical toxin called hexane, which can lead to reproductive problems and birth defects. If you are looking for healthy non-dairy options then it is best to stick to skimmed milk.

Artificial sweeteners\r\nYou will be shocked to know that one of the biggest health fads is a fraud as well. Rather than substituting Aspartame or Sucralose for sugar, it is better to skip sugar completely. The artificial sweeteners cause neurological damage, gastrointestinal and endocrine dysfunctions

Ice tea mixes\r\nPowdered ice tea mixes is a marketing gimmick that is unhealthy for you. These are more sugar laden than a can of cola. These mixes contain high fructose corn syrup, processed sugar and artificial flavors, which are not good for your body. So, for the sake of your health and budget, it is best to prepare fresh ice tea at home and refrigerate, with or without sugar.

Margarine\r\nSo, you have been using margarine, believing it is a healthier substitute to the butter? Time to think again! Margarine is hydrogenated trans-fat oil, which is anything but healthy for your body. It also increases cholesterol levels and decreases the response of your body?s immunity system. So, avoid this processed food at all costs.

Non-seasonal fruits and vegetables\r\nDo you wonder why non-seasonal fruits and vegetables look so surprisingly healthy, all year round? Well, they are artificially ripened or genetically engineered. Hence, it is wise and safe choice for you to stick to the seasonal options.

Canned foods\r\nCans of food contain high levels of bisphenol-A (BPA), which is a hormone disrupting chemical. High levels of BPA in body can cause a range of health complications, including reproductive problems and breast cancer, etc. So, it best to avoid all sorts of canned food products.

Microwavable popcorn\r\nAlthough the idea of popping these while watching a movie sounds good, but here comes the flip side. You will be consuming genetically modified corn kernels, processed salt and lots of preservatives, which are added to enhance its flavours. The high levels of sodium and the chemical diacetyl, found in the microwave popcorn are not good for your health. And, we are not even talking about the more harmful buttered and flavoured popcorns, yet!

Fruit juices in tetra packs\r\nPackaged fruit juices contain added sugar and preservatives to increase its taste and shelf-life. Instead of sipping on some preservative laced fruit juice, why not consume the wholesome goodness of fresh fruits. That way, you will get both the juice along with the fibre.

Frozen meat\r\nBuying frozen burger patties or meat balls may cut your kitchen work, but they add a lot more preservatives in your body. The factory prepared frozen meals are loaded with hydrogenated oils, preservatives and many other artificial ingredients. So, why not try buying fresh meat and then refrigerating it at home.

Energy drinks\r\nEnergy drinks are fatally caffeinated and ready to explode sugar bombs, which are unhealthy for your body. So, drink a cup of coffee for that mid-morning kick. This will also help in controlling that sugar level, which is quite high in the so-called energy drinks.

Packaged drinking water\r\nWhile buying packaged drinking water, think not only about the quality of water you are getting but also about the substance used to make that bottle. The chemicals (BPA and phthalates) used to make these bottles are harmful for your health. Even a tiny amount of these chemicals in your body can cause problems like obesity, damage to brain, hyperactivity, and reproductive issues, etc. So, next time you opt to pick up bottled water think of the environmental and heath damages it would be causing.

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