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10 Wonder Foods To Beat Diabetes

Sometimes are choices are made for us, but mostly the choices are made by us. You perhaps can?t take the clock back in time, but you can surely prevent diseases from playing havoc on your body. Controlling your blood sugar and preventing diabetes complications be as simple as eating the right foods. So MensXP brings you 10 wonder foods to beat diabetes and stay healthy forever!

OatmealNot if you buy oatmeal cookies and pop one every hour! Oatmeal is loaded with soluble fibre which, when mixed with water, forms a paste. Oats also form a barrier between the digestive enzymes in your stomach and the starch in your food, which in turn makes it longer for the carbs to be turned into blood sugar. So, now you know why treating yourself to a bowl of healthy oats in the morning helps!

Apples\r\nSeems the adage about it driving the doc away is pretty relevant! Bite into this not-so-forbidden fruit often as apples are naturally low in calories, yet their high fibre content fills you up. Not only it beats bad cholesterol, apples also blunt blood-sugar swings. Eat them whole and unpeeled for the greatest benefit, as apple peels contain quercetin, a flavanoid that has been found to beat diabetes due to its antioxidant effect.

Beans\r\nBaked, soaked or dried?bean cuisine is a must to put a lid on high blood sugar. Beans are rich in protein, and hence, they can stand in for meat in main dishes. The good news is that not only are beans good for the heart, but they also contain different phytonutrients that beats diabetes.

Tea\r\nPhytonutrients such as catechins and tannins can help balance your blood sugar, and tea is loaded with them. The good ol? chai just got another go-ahead as it can also help keep the sugar rush away. 

Nuts\r\nNuts are ?slow burning? foods that are friendly to blood sugar because of their high fibre and protein content. Studies show that those who eat nuts daily have lower rates of heart disease than those who don?t. Those who eat nuts in food boast of the best health record because of the compound called tocotrienols found in nuts. Since nuts are also high in calories, it is advisable to limit the intake of nuts.

Citrus Fruits\r\nOther than them being low in fat and high in fibre, citrus fruits also deliver lots of other healthy nutrients. For example, oranges are a source of phtonutrients that beats diabetes, including flavonoids, carotenoids, terpines, pectins and glutathione. Research across the globe shows that people with diabetes tend to have lower levels of vitamin C in their bodies, so antioxidant-packed citrus fruit is great as a snack.

Wholegrain bread\r\nTo begin with, a small clarification first: anything that?s not white is not necessarily ?whole?. If it doesn?t have the word ?whole? in the first ingredient, don?t buy it. Eating white bread is almost equal to eating table sugar when it comes to giving your blood sugar a huge high. Switching to whole grain may improve your sensitivity to insulin. Also, the coarser the bread, the better it is, as the coarseness will slow digestion.

Olive oil\r\nCall it liquid gold if you want! Olive oil contains an anti-inflammatory component, which helps lower rates of heart disease and diabetes, both of which are linked with inflammation. The good fat in olive oil doesn?t increase insulin resistance and may even help reverse it. A touch of olive oil also slows digestion, and therefore your meal is less likely to spike your glucose. Here?s another reason to dribble it more on salads, pasta?just about any where!

Fish\r\nOne of the biggest reasons for heart diseases is diabetes, and hence eating fish even once a week can reduce your risk by almost 40 per cent. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish reduce inflammation in the body as well as insulin resistance and diabetes.

Carrots\r\nThe good news is that carrots are one of nature?s richest sources of beta-carotene, which means the amount of sugar in carrots is extremely low. This food in turn is linked to a lower risk of diabetes and better blood-sugar control.

More natural remedies for diabetes...

Pears: Rich in potassium and loaded with fibre, a pear is also low in carbohydrates! Add them in your fruit bowl or mix it up with spinach to get an instant fix for your hunger pangs. Despite the fact that fruits and vegetables are good for you, there?s no denying the fact that some of them contain sugar and carbohydrates, albeit in small amounts. So keep your portions small and do check with your nutritionist before any major diet changes.

Cabbage: Cabbage has a low glycaemic index of 10 which is very diabetes friendly. It is also a rich source of vitamin C and K. However, keep an eye on the fat content if you are including cabbage in your diet.

Berries: Tempting red strawberries or indigo coloured blueberries or just any berries for that matter. Experts advice that these little colourful fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fibre and are low-carb! So top off your breakfast with some strawberries or just toss them in your mouth. It adds a pop of colour and a dollop of health!

Oranges: Despite the fact that an orange contains sugar, it also contains other compounds that help control blood glucose, which makes it good for a diabetes patient. The soluble fibre present in an orange thickens as it?s being digested. This in turn slows down the sugar absorption, offering better control of your blood sugar.

Beans: Kidney beans, black beans or lentils have been shown to have immense health benefits for a diabetic. They are low fat, low calorie and high protein! They make you feel full, slow down your digestion process and prevent blood sugar from spiking.

Spinach: Is there nothing this superfood can?t do? Research shows that green, leafy and fresh spinach is extremely low in calories and carbohydrates, which is especially good news if you are a diabetic. In fact, spinach is one of the rare things that a diabetic can eat almost freely!

Apples: Low in calories and carbohydrate content, this portable fruit can be toted around easily in your bag, making it the perfect snack. Fibrous, with tonnes of vitamins and antioxidants, this diabetes-friendly fruit will add a crunchy and healthy punch to your diet.

Okra (Lady?s finger): This vegetable is a sure shot hit with kids and diabetics! Like brinjals and oranges, the presence of soluble fibre in okra makes this humble vegetable one of the best things to eat if you are diabetic.

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