Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Show Some Platinum Love

This wedding season, surprise your beloved with platinum, a precious metal 50 times rarer than gold. Take your pick from these beautiful options from Platinum jewellery.

Platinum's interpretation of a modern day woman in this pendant. Transparent, connected and centred with her brilliance, all assembled with loops and a diamond studded centre-piece.

A contemporary platinum shell cast shaped pendant with a foxtail chain, studded with prong set diamonds. Redefining romance. Accessorised with matching earrings.

Platinum link bracelet with high polish and laser cut loops. Crafted to reflect the true virtues of precious and rare platinum. (Pt.Wt - 36.32 gm)

An inspiration of a natural motif. Prong set diamonds like dew on satin finish platinum leaf earrings. Accessorised with matching chain pendant. (Pt.Wt - 7.77 gm / D.Wt - 0.14 ct)

Laser cut hearts engraved in this oval platinum earring design, with prong set diamonds. A memento for your ears. Matched with a similar design in chain pendant. (Pt.Wt - 4.82 gm / D.Wt - 0.13 ct)

Rarity comes as an accessory to these oval shaped platinum earrings. Laser cut and exceptionally designed with flush and pave set diamonds. Accessorised with matching pendant. (Pt.Wt - 13.66 gm / D.Wt - 0.71 ct)

Platinum displays character with even the finest jewellery. Dual finish platinum tanmanya with channel set diamonds for an aura of romance. (Pt.Wt - 6.50 gm / D.Wt - 0.31 ct)

A timeless collection of classic solitaire rings for the woman you are and the woman you always will be. Classy bezel and prong set solitaires sharing attention with matt finish platinum rings. (PTU104 - Pt.Wt - 4.50 gm / D.Wt - 0.67 ct, PTG8 102- Pt.Wt - 5.03 gm / D.Wt - 0.28 ct, PTS101 - Pt.Wt - 4.33 gm / D.Wt - 0.21 ct)

A global feel displayed by platinum in this bridal necklace design. Clean high polish rings in a cosmos effect linked by prong set diamonds. Matched with equally beautiful earrings. (Pt.Wt - 39.53 gm / D.Wt - 1.06 ct)

An ingenious platinum ring design with satin finish half round grooves combined with matt finish. An ideal piece of the jewellery for the man, enhancing his style quotient. (Pt.Wt - 7.09 gm)

From royalty to celebrities to pop divas, platinum has been the choice of discerning lot since centuries. A Victorian depiction set in this platinum ring design with an intense prong set solitaire is an exemplary work of art. (Pt.Wt - 6.40 gm / D.Wt - 0.63 ct)

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