Friday, September 23, 2011

Ford e-Bikes @ Frankfurt Motor Show

Here, a look at some of the electric saddles on show at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which runs through September 25 in Frankfurt, Germany.
Ford e-bike There are no plans to put the futuristic aluminium and carbon model into production.

Husqvarna Concept E-go The Husqvarna Concept E-go is designed for first-time

The new Smart e-bike It will sell for under €2,900 in Europe.

Husqvarna Concept E-go The battery support is constructed from aluminium, the frame and oval piping is made from steel and the seat is self-supporting.

Ford e-bike Ford unveiled its new e-bike as a study on urban mobility solutions.

Smart e-bike The Smart e-bike will go into production next year.

Small Is Beautiful-The Renault Twizy Ev

Displayed at the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo, the Renault Twizy is due to go on sale at the end of 2011 in Europe.

The ultra-compact footprint of Renault Twizy (length: 2.32 metres / width: 1.19 metres / height: 1.46 metres) is ideally suited to city motoring.

The speed of this version is capped at 45kph, which means it can be driven without a licence in certain countries.

Renault Twizy will clearly appeal to busy, carowning city dwellers looking for a second vehicle, as well as to younger drivers interested in a safe way to gain experience in traffic thanks to the availability of a version that will not require a drivers licence (depending on country).

Renault Twizys running costs – insurance, maintenance and energy (battery lease and electricity for recharging) – are just as modest, working out at 15 percent lower than those of a three-wheeled scooter.

Twizy gets around town faster than a car thanks to its unprecedented ultra-compact dimensions which also facilitate parking.

Thanks to its four-wheeled chassis and extremely low centre of gravity, Renault Twizy delivers a reassuringly stable ride, while disc brakes all-round ensure precise, efficient stopping power.

Also, since Renault Twizys occupants are protected and held in place, they are under no requirement to wear any sort of protective gear.

Renault Twizys low weight (450kg, including the 100kg battery) directly benefits its operationalrangewhich is 100km (standard cycle).In everyday use, this figure may vary as a function of the driving conditions actually encountered.

Twizys battery fully charges in just 3½ hours using a domestic electrical supply via a spiral cable stowed behind a flap at the front of the vehicle.

Its wraparound bodywork and side deflectors ensure enjoyable open-air motoring, protected from the elements and wind.

Twizys electric motor accelerates smoothly and silently, while torque is immediately available.

It is more agile than a car, while its acceleration performance is comparable with that of a scooter.Twizys electric motor accelerates smoothly and silently, while torque is immediately available.

It offers up to two occupants – sitting in tandem, one behind the other – greater safety compared with a two-wheeled vehicle, thanks notably to an extensive list of active and passive safety features.

Animations on the Leaf

Animations on the Leaf

Monday, September 19, 2011

BMW's Concept E Electric Scooter

BMW e-scooter revealed in Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

Building on almost 90 years of experienced in the field of motorised two-wheel vehicles, BMW Motorrad is drawing on the conceptual benefits of single-track vehicles to develop innovative solutions, adding a new dimension to the area of urban commuting.

Based on the BMW Groups sustainability strategy, BMW Motorrad aims to put a premium offer on the market in the area of electromobility in the foreseeable future. At the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA), BMW will be presenting its design concept in this area for the first time: "BMW Concept e".

The design study BMW Concept e embodies the vision of an electrically powered scooter made by BMW Motorrad.

Increasing limitations in traffic space, growing traffic density as well as both ecological and economical challenges give rise to new demands in the area of private transport in the major conurbation areas in particular.

An e-scooter with sustainable technological solutions and the aesthetic design of the Concept e provides a response to these changing urban mobility needs.

With its Concept e, BMW Motorrad shows how attractive and fascinating the interpretation of the theme of electrical drive on two wheels can be in terms of design, while at the same time attracting attention to its new business area "Urban Mobility".

The Concept e is a vision: BMW Motorrad designers have developed the style and shaping of the e-scooter of the future - electric, digital, dynamic. The designers deliberately allowed themselves plenty of freedom so as to be able to strike out new, creative paths in the design of components and surfaces.

The shaping and precision achieved reflect the core values of BMW Motorrad: emotion, dynamic performance and innovation. At the same time, the purist, clear design, colouring and choice of materials instantly suggest a clean, efficient yet agile single-track vehicle which allows one to move effortlessly through city traffic.

So the design concept study Concept e is more than just an idea for a new vehicle. In addition to technical functionality and quality, the BMW Motorrad designers attach importance to an emotional dialogue between rider and vehicle.

Their basic premise is that a vehicle has to do more than just function - it has to arouse the riders emotions, too. It has to inspire the rider again and again, as well as reflect its specific technological features.

So in the case of the Concept e, the main aim was to translate the special character of electric drive technology to the vehicles outward appearance.

The Concept e is the conceptual blueprint of a scooter able to set new standards with innovative premium electrical drive and provide a sound alternative form of mobility suitable for everyday use in the dense traffic of the constantly expanding conurbation areas and cities of the world today.

The BMW Concept e is clearly identifiable as a member of the BMW Motorrad family. As in other BMW motorcycles, the so-called split face runs from the upper trim section to above the front wheel cover, giving the Concept e an unmistakable, dynamic front view.

The successful BMW Motorrad design style is also reflected in the styling of the twin-tipped spoiler in the floating panel of the front trim, a boomerang-shaped, aerodynamically formed floating panel. The short, sporty rear highlights the active riding character of the electrically powered scooter, giving it a visual sense of dynamic performance which is underscored by the low cut windshield.

The battery is charged at regular household power sockets as found in Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan, There is no need for a special charging station. When the battery is completely flat, the charging period is less than three hours. Practical experience with concept vehicles has already shown that the battery rarely runs out completely, so charging times are generally shorter.