Friday, September 23, 2011

Small Is Beautiful-The Renault Twizy Ev

Displayed at the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo, the Renault Twizy is due to go on sale at the end of 2011 in Europe.

The ultra-compact footprint of Renault Twizy (length: 2.32 metres / width: 1.19 metres / height: 1.46 metres) is ideally suited to city motoring.

The speed of this version is capped at 45kph, which means it can be driven without a licence in certain countries.

Renault Twizy will clearly appeal to busy, carowning city dwellers looking for a second vehicle, as well as to younger drivers interested in a safe way to gain experience in traffic thanks to the availability of a version that will not require a drivers licence (depending on country).

Renault Twizys running costs – insurance, maintenance and energy (battery lease and electricity for recharging) – are just as modest, working out at 15 percent lower than those of a three-wheeled scooter.

Twizy gets around town faster than a car thanks to its unprecedented ultra-compact dimensions which also facilitate parking.

Thanks to its four-wheeled chassis and extremely low centre of gravity, Renault Twizy delivers a reassuringly stable ride, while disc brakes all-round ensure precise, efficient stopping power.

Also, since Renault Twizys occupants are protected and held in place, they are under no requirement to wear any sort of protective gear.

Renault Twizys low weight (450kg, including the 100kg battery) directly benefits its operationalrangewhich is 100km (standard cycle).In everyday use, this figure may vary as a function of the driving conditions actually encountered.

Twizys battery fully charges in just 3½ hours using a domestic electrical supply via a spiral cable stowed behind a flap at the front of the vehicle.

Its wraparound bodywork and side deflectors ensure enjoyable open-air motoring, protected from the elements and wind.

Twizys electric motor accelerates smoothly and silently, while torque is immediately available.

It is more agile than a car, while its acceleration performance is comparable with that of a scooter.Twizys electric motor accelerates smoothly and silently, while torque is immediately available.

It offers up to two occupants – sitting in tandem, one behind the other – greater safety compared with a two-wheeled vehicle, thanks notably to an extensive list of active and passive safety features.

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