Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ranked: 10 Nations With Most Billionaires

According to Knight Frank's Wealth Report 2013, India stands in the fifth spot in the list of top 10 nations with highest High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI).

United States\r\n\r\n2012: 543 (billionaires)\r\n\r\n2022 (Estimated): 1,101 (billionaires)\r\n\r\nChange: 103%

China\r\n\r\n2012: 154\r\n\r\n2022: 483\r\n\r\nChange: 214%

Germany\r\n\r\n2012: 149\r\n\r\n2022: 300\r\n\r\nChange: 101%

UK\r\n\r\n2012: 149\r\n\r\n2022: 276\r\n\r\nChange: 85%

India\r\n\r\n2012: 122\r\n\r\n2022: 225\r\n\r\nChange: 84%

Brazil\r\n\r\n2012: 53\r\n\r\n2022: 136\r\n\r\nChange: 157%

Russia\r\n\r\n2012: 102\r\n\r\n2022: 126\r\n\r\nChange: 24%

Hong Kong\r\n\r\n2012: 70\r\n\r\n2022: 97\r\n\r\nChange: 39%

Indonesia\r\n\r\n2012: 31\r\n\r\n2022: 90\r\n\r\nChange: 190%

Switzerland\r\n\r\n2012: 63\r\n\r\n2022: 75\r\n\r\nChange: 19%

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