Monday, November 4, 2013

Best Kept Celeb Skin Secrets

You may think these Bollywood A-listers have some magic (read: exorbitantly expensive) potion that gives them their flawless skin. But more often than not, it is the rigourous daily skincare habits that have rewarded them with soft supple skin. And the best news is that these habits are no more secret for us!. Find out how your favourite star always manages to keep her pretty on, on the red carpet and otherwise.

HEMA MALINI Beauty is god's gift and one should never take it for granted. I use aroma oils for my skin. I also use Clarins cleansing milk regularly. Drinking sufficient water also helps in hydrating the skin. Everyday I have curd in the morning, which is good for my skin. Whenever I fast, I have paneer and eat a lot of fruits and dry fruits. I like ghee in my food but don?t have it everyday as it is fattening. I have two cups of green tea everyday and don't eat any junk. You must be disciplined; your will power to control yourself is extremely important.

BIPASHA BASU I drink 10 glasses of water a day and apply sunscreen with a high SPF every time I step out in the sun. I exercise four times a week for a minimum of an hour a day and sleep for a minimum 7-8 hours a day. Always use good quality make-up products and it is important to remove all makeup from your skin before you go to bed.

DEEPIKA PADUKONE My daily skincare regimen involves cleansing, toning and moisturising. Healthy skin needs mild cleansing, for which I use gentle soaps. I use products that are mild and do not strip my skin of essential proteins. I am not much of a makeup user and stick to basics like a moisturiser, lip balm and a neutral foundation. I don't go for regular facials, but do indulge in clean-up sessions once in a while. Also, I am very particular about taking off all my make-up before I go to sleep.

KAREENA KAPOOR I drink a lot of water for my skin. Apart from doing yoga to keep myself fit, I am a pure vegetarian.

KATRINA KAIF A beauty rule that I follow is to always cleanse my face of all make-up at night, no matter how tired I may be. I use a face wash which has two per cent salicylic acid and I am addicted to the Purifying Apricot Oil from Anne Semoin. To deal with a beauty emergency I rely on a mineral mud mask by Anne Semoin. It calms my skin.

NARGIS FAKRI Each person is different and I know what works for me. The key to perfecting your skincare regimen is finding what suits your routine and your skin type. I make sure I don't forget the basics of my skin care routine which are cleansing and moisturising. I drink a lot of coconut water to keep my system free from toxins. When I'm not shooting, I don't use any make-up so my skin can breathe. I am a firm believer in moisturising my skin round the year.

NEETU SINGH Diet and excercise is the key to good health: what you put into your mouth shows up on your skin. If you are healthy from within, it shows. This is why five helpings of fruits and vegetables is a must for me every day. This ensures proper blood circulation and supplies the body with adequate water. Of course, there is yoga and meditation which add to the benefits. For glowing skin, take a jar of water and add some cucumber slices. Drink this water whenever you are thirsty. It is guaranteed to make your skin glow.

PRIYANKA CHOPRA Watch what you eat: I am a Cancerian and love water. I drink at least 10 glasses a day to hydrate my skin and trust me, it has done wonders. I am also very careful about what I eat and load up on lots of fruits and veggies. I also believe in following a cleansing-toning-moisturising routine. Aloe Vera is great for the skin. and I make sure to apply a face mask. I enjoy all kinds of spa treatments particularly the Kerala Ayurvedic spa treatment.

REKHA My daily routine includes drinking several glasses of water, avoiding fried and over-cooked food, dining before eight and going to bed early.

SONAM KAPOOR Drink loads of water: What you eat is bound to show on your skin, so I'm extremely careful about what goes into my mouth. It's important to stay healthy from within as what you eat reflects on the outside. Hence a balanced diet and exercise are important. I start my day with warm water, lemon and honey. Apart from that, I have loads of water throughout the day. This helps to flush out toxins from the system and make my skin glow with health. I never skip the sunscreen: I apply it 20 minutes before stepping out. Plus, I make sure to remove every speck of make-up and moisturise well before retiring for the night.

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