Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Top 10 Celebrity Hairstyles You Must Try!

The best way to change or revamp your look is to get yourself a new hairstyle. And who knows this better than our very own Bollywood celebrities. Every time they have a big movie lined up or when they are looking to shake up their careers, they head straight to their favourite hair stylist and demand a new look. Here is a list of hairstyles we feel are super fashionable and make our celebrities look sexy and in vogue.

Boy Bob From Ashton Kutcher to Brad Pitt to Johnny Depp, some of the Hollywood hunks have an obsession with boy bobs. What’s with the look? It’s a free look that doesn’t need much care. Wear your bob cut neck-length or let them fall on your shoulders just like Christian Bale’s.

Pompadour It’s a style above the rest! Probably Kevin McHale is the perfect pompadour personality. The style rewinds to the 70s; nonetheless it is trendy. A word of caution though:: it works better with a clean shaven look. If you are ready to compromise the beard, your pompadour might just give you the one-off look.

Blond Locks Have curls? Without a second thought, locks are your thing. Even better if your tresses are long enough to sit neatly curled behind your neck! Maybe Orlando Bloom’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy gives an idea of what you are in for. Colour them blond for a complete chic look.

Rocker Mane First things first: this look isn’t for everyone. It needs innate oomph and loads of attitude. It’s like investing in a Mercedes or Ferrari because the maintenance requires too much effort. But the effort is nothing compared to the wild, rocking Tom Cruise look that women drool over!

GQ’Do Unlike its unusual name, this hairstyle is rather a DIY style easily achievable by a comb and a little pomade. It’s a simple slicked back side part that rests easy and neatly. David Beckham did perfect justice to this style by avoiding a high-shine liquid, and so should you.

Aamir Khan Male celebrities hardly experiment with their hair but he is an exception. You probably know where we are headed with this; Aamir Khan’s hair in 'Ghajini' became quiet the rage when the film released. He sure rocked the almost bold look and set many a men marching to the saloon.

Salman Khan People want to be Salman. They want to dress like he does, walk like he does, talk like he does and of course have hair like he does. Post the release of 'Dabangg', men started to demand the Dabangg hairstyle from their stylist. Though the hairstyle was not creatively fashionable, it became so because it was carried by Salman Khan.

Amitabh Bachchan Anything this man does is newsworthy. Be it him going on a drive in his new car, or stepping out of his house to greet fans, no one can ever have enough of Amitabh Bachchan. Therefore, it only makes sense that people cannot get enough of his hair style. At 60+, this man is the favoured superstar of not only old men but men in their 30s. To put it point blank, the Amitabh Bachchan look has never and will never go out of style.

Shahrukh Khan The fluff, the bounce and the volume; we are surprised SRK has not yet endorsed a shampoo brand. His hair is reason good enough for people to be jealous of him. We believe the popularity of his hairstyle has been best described in the movie 'Billu Barber' where in a scene, hordes of kids and men in a village ask for the SRK haircut.

Sachin Tendulkar Many people say a change in hairstyle brought him luck and so he managed to get his 100th 100. Now, that is a debatable claim, but this hairstyle is different from all others Sachin has ever had. It is an unkempt look, with his curls being more prominent than they ever have been. We like this look, and if you have curly hair then we suggest you should ask your stylist for a similar cut.

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