Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bollywood Stars: Then & Now

Like wine, most of our B-Town stars get better with age, though not all of them. Ash and Shilpa keep getting gorgeous; but it's the other way with actors like SRK and Salman. What do you think? Have your say by going through these nostalgic photos.

Our love affair with Ash began when she brought home the Miss World title - and we still love her now that she has become a yummy mommy. We have followed her - through her acting career and now we obsess about her weigh gain post pregnancy. But Ash, is a diva and she takes everything in her stride. Her hazel eyes have not lost its intensity - nor has her beauty. Don't you agree?

Looking at Salman Khan's old picture, brings the image of 'Jekyll and Hyde' to our mind. Quite a journey from the solemn and sweet young man to the bad boy.

Fatrina! Sorry, we are not talking about Zarine Khan here. See how Kat used to look like a couple of years back. The gorgeous lady vehemently denies of taking botox injections for her lips, but do you owe an explanation about your fuller lips Kat!

Well Sush, thumbs up to you for remaining effervescent like before, and even that naughty smile of her hasn't lost its charm. You won't become a Miss Universe without no reason right?

The sweet Romeo has matured into a real gentleman and an actor of substance with all these years, and that reflects on his face pretty well.

We used to love this chirpy 'girl next door' with lush eye-brows and a great smile. Even after many years, our love for her hasn't changed a bit.

This cute bubbly girl transformed into a gorgeous diva and has a promising career and plenty of years ahead of her. What else does a star need?

Miles and miles between the cute little boy next door to the mighty King Khan. Definitely we are missing his innocent smile and that sparkling eyes.

From then to now, Bips' appeal has increased ten-fold we believe.

Hrithik is handsome as ever before. Thumbs up to him too!

Bebo babe, the reigning queen of Bollywood definitely went under the knife to enhance her looks. How else could her chubby cheeks just give way to that well set jaw-line.

The Khiladi boy seemed to look even more serious and sexy way back then. But fitness freak Akki still maintains his body and no wonder he is still in demand.

The mesmerising diva used to look a bit wild before. Shilpa definitly got better with age.

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