Monday, October 28, 2013

8 Ways To Get Strong Without The Gym

Is gymming the only way to a stronger body? Must you shell out that much money and spend all that time and effort on the activity? Well, the answer is ‘No’. Read on to know 8 ways in which you can enhance your physical strength and do so without hitting the gym.

Run There can be no better form of exercise or method of building stamina, than regularly running. Not only does running help you burn fat and calories, it also tones the muscles of your legs and butt. So, wake up an hour earlier than usual, and make running a part of your life!

Swim Regular swimming and doing at least 40 laps in the pool can help build stamina, gain strength, flex muscles and also be blessed with a more streamlined body. The energetic and youthful feeling that you get along with it is a bonus!

Push-ups One of the most basic methods of strength training, push ups can be performed anywhere and anytime. You do not need any equipment for doing them. All you need is half hour of the day, preferably in the morning. With push ups, the muscles on your chest, shoulders and triceps get stronger.

Sit-ups To strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, sit ups are another basic strength training form of exercise. You must, however, be careful not to focus on the neck or back muscles while performing sit ups.

Take the stairs Is your office on the 8th floor? Take the stairs. Do you live on the first or second floor? Run on the stairs each time you need to go upstairs or downstairs. Not only does taking the stairs give you a stronger heart, it also enhances the heart rate and builds up the muscles, over a period of time.

Aerobics Aerobics are an excellent way of building bodily strength. Moreover, they are also beneficial in enhancing the strength of heart muscles and overall health. You could either join aerobic classes or get a video and do the exercises at home.

Lift dumbells Spend about 15 minutes of your morning lifting weights and experience the strengthening of your muscles over a period of time. Keep increasing the weight of the dumbbells as you feel your muscles growing stronger.

Yoga Yoga, as we all know, has a host of health benefits. What you perhaps did not know is that it also is a great way to build physical strength, if practiced regularly and diligently. Along with strength, it can also help you develop flexibility and balance. Practicing some or even one of the above methods of exercise is certain to help you enhance your bodily strength. However, learn to be patient and diligent as any form of exercise takes a certain period of time before the results begin to show.

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