Thursday, October 24, 2013

10 People You Should Meet Before The Year Ends

All those who know about the 2012 theory are pretty much aware that the end of the world is close and so is death. Most people tend to have a bucket list of things they want to do before they die. Apart from the usual 'things to do', there are also people you should meet before the date when the world ends i.e. 21 December 2012. The people in the list below are iconic and have influenced your life at least at one point. These are 10 people you must try to meet before you die.

1. Queen Elizabeth: Why? Because she has a colossal history behind her and has captured the fancy of millions of people across the world spanning generations. What to ask her? When will you hand over the crown to Prince Charles?

2. Richard Branson: Why? Because he’s the only man who can give James Bond a serious competition with respect to women. What to ask him? Who’s your favorite ‘Virgin’?

3. Scarlett Johansson: Why? Because she’s every living man’s ultimate object of desire. What to ask her? May I take you out for dinner?

4. Naseeruddin Shah: Why? Because he is the only Bollywood personality with a knack for excellence in every endeavour. What to ask him? Why don't you sing in movies?

5. Sachin Tendulkar: Why? For being the one source of hope and inspiration for millions of Indians irrespective of their age, gender, caste or community. What to ask him? How does it feel to be God?

Why? Do you need a reason to meet the founder of Facebook? What to ask him? World’s ending, when is your company going public?

7. Mayawati: Why? Because we want to know the woman behind the shrewd political fa├žade. What to ask her? How do you sleep at night? (And with whom?)

8. Julian Assange: Why? Because he is one man who has the courage that even billions of people, together, cannot gather. What to ask him? How do you manage to keep those steel balls in your pants?

9. J.K. Rowling: Why? For not letting the child in us die and making our experience richer through years of Harry Potter What to ask her? Why did u kill Dumbledore?

10. Rajinikanth: Why? To find out if he can replace Sachin as India’s non-official God. What to ask him? Have you visited your own temple?

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