Friday, September 14, 2012

Bollywood celebrities and their look alikes

There is a saying that each one of us has a duplicate or a look-alike somewhere in the world, but it gets noticed easily in case of celebrities.

 1. Hrithik Roshan & Bradley Cooper: These uber hot dudes bear an almost too-good-to-be-true resemblance to each other. With similar face cuts, eyes and the same hairstyle, they look like brothers separated at our very own ‘kumbh ka mela’. They’d smoulder the screen if paired together!

 2. Aamir Khan & Tom Hanks: Aamir Khan is known to act, direct and produce his own movies and is called a perfectionist for a reason. Tom Hanks having the same traits is the perfect embodiment of Aamir in the west. But add to this the uncanny resemblance that they bear to each other and you’ve got nothing short of utter amazement.

 3. Katrina Kaif & Cobie Smulders: Cobie has been ruling millions of hearts as Robin in the popular sitcom ‘HIMYM’. And we couldn’t help but notice how similar Katrina and Cobie look with their flawless skin and Greek goddess like appearance.

4. Preity Zinta & Drew Barrymore: Blessed with adorable dimples and the same fun and bubbly personality they sure look like sisters.

5. Priyanka Chopra & Eva Mendes: Both Priyanka and Eva have fuller lips and a very strong personality and screen presence. Though the resemblance isn’t as obvious at first, it sure is noticeable to a discerning eye.

6. Dilip Kumar & Al Pacino: Dilip Kumar & Al Pacino have both been legendary actors and have the same intense look in their eyes. Apart from the obvious hairstyles, their mouths also resemble each others’. Having acted in high drama movies, both have sure made a name for themselves in their respective industries.

7. Shahid Kapoor & Zach Braff: These two are the chocolate boys of their respective industries. Both have similar face cuts and smiles. Cuteness is the way to go indeed!

8. Kareena Kapoor & Paris Hilton: Both Kareena and Paris come from well known families and have always found themselves in the limelight. These powerful celebs have almost similar features (especially the lips) that you can’t help but notice when placed side by side.

9. Dev Anand & Gregory Peck: Many know the resemblance Dev anand bore with the Hollywood star Gregory Peck.

10. Alyssa Milano and Hrishita Bhatt do look like sisters

11. John Abraham & Antonio Banderas: These sexy male look alikes sure have huge fan following.

12. Lauren Goodger & Karisma Kapoor: The English star who features in dramality series ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ looks like a twin of our very own B-town star Karisma.

13. Debra Messing & Pooja Batra: There is more in Debra Messing other than that naughty smile and jaw-line that reminds us of Pooja Batra.

14. Rakhi Sawant & Haifa Wehbe: They strike a very close resemblance as much as they look like twin sisters almost.

15. Shammi Kapoor & Elvis Presley: Their body languages and dancing style have a striking resemblance.

16. Phillip Rhys & Tusshar kapoor: Spot the difference between the two!

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