Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guinness world records of 2012-iii

Guinness world records of 2012-iii

Longest fingernails on a pair of female hands

Most dogs skipping on the same rope. 13 dogs has skipped the rope at the same time in a Japanese circus.

Largest collection of penguins. Birgit Berends had amassed a collection of 11,062 different penguin-related items.

Fastest wedding chapel. This wedding chapel from Illinois has achieved the speed of about 100 km/h (62 mph).

Most piercings on a male

Youngest person to fly solo around the world. Barrington Irving, a 23-year-old aerospace student, has circumnavigated the globe in his single-engine plane.

Largest chocolate bar

Longest domestic cat (and longest domestic cat tail)

Largest afro

Longest tongue on a female

Largest collection of cows

Longest moustache

Largest crocodile in captivity

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