Tuesday, March 13, 2012

9 Quick Hangover Cures that Actually Work

Orange juice is among the commonest of home remedies for hangovers. It performs the function of rehydration with great intensity and the Vitamin C acts as a counter to that nauseating feeling. You can combine this with a few boiled eggs and slightly toasted bread. This might sound strange but the protein from eggs helps the liver to filter the toxins of alcohol faster while toasted slices have a charcoal-like effect, preventing bloating or vomiting caused by alcohol. 

Your mother might have repeatedly told you about the benefits of ginger tea for relieving nausea, cold and cough. However, what she didn t tell you was that it is an excellent aid for hangover headaches. It can alleviate that typical head-splitting feeling induced by hangovers apart from helping the stomach digest the alcohol better without suffering cramps.

Get hold of any granulated antacid that you can easily consume by just pouring it in a glass. This eases the body ache caused by hangover. Most antacids contain some form of sodium bicarbonate that helps to neutralize the excessive acidity caused by consuming too much alcohol.

Vitamin drinks are easily available in most super-marts today. Just ensure that there are always a few bottles in the fridge. Vitamin drinks are loaded with water-soluble vitamins like vitamin B and C that get absorbed and work towards eradicating the hangover. Just ensure that your vitamin drink doesn t contain too much sugar. If you already know when the next bar binging trip is scheduled, try to take a few over-the-counter multi-vitamins on a daily basis. This will ensure that your body has a better degree of preparedness against the hangover. You can dilute the vitamin drink with some water for better rehydration. 

Another world-famous hangover cure is a strong cup of coffee. However, not many people realize that you need a cocoa-rich variant of coffee for neutralizing the hangover. Rather than having a huge serving at one go, have many smaller cups of coffee throughout the day. Caffeine raises the blood pressure that helps the body to metabolize the alcohol faster apart from providing some relief from the drowsy feeling and headaches

There are a number of rehydration solutions and powders that are sold at your local chemist. These are excellent rehydration sources, usually prescribed for children who are suffering from an intense case of cellular dehydration due to illnesses. These are packed with a high concentration of electrolytes that instantly replenish the vital minerals that have been wasted due to drinking. Just dilute the solution more and drink it slowly throughout the day. 

This hangover cure requires the greatest degree of determination. However, exercising here doesn t refer to hitting the gym hard. Something simple as running on the treadmill combined with a few push-ups can help. The sweating induced by exercising followed by rehydrating yourself with a low-sugar sports drink helps to cure hangovers.

Every household is bound to have some sort of over-the-counter analgesic or painkiller. These are excellent for relieving the pain and discomfort induced by a hangover. When back home, just pop an aspirin or Aspirin or Ibuprofen but don t overdose yourself. It is better to start with just one pill and wait to feel its relieving affects.

More than a hangover cure, this is a hangover prevention aid. Here, you need to be a bit quirky and eat a few bananas before you hit the bar. The potassium in the banana and its complex carbohydrates has a rehydrating and coating effect on the intestines respectively, helping you recover faster from the alcohol excess.

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