Friday, January 6, 2012

Worlds Shortest Woman Jyoti Amge Is Only 24.7 Inches Tall

Jyoti Amges 18th birthday is the best of her life. On this day, the Guinness Book of World Records named her the worlds shortest living woman. Amge is just 62.8 centimeters tall (24.7 inches), 6.2 cm shorter than 22-year old American Bridgette Jordan, who has held the title since September 2011. Jyoti has been the worlds shortest teenager in the Guinness World Records since September 2009.

Representatives from Guinness World Records traveled to Jyotis hometown of Nagpur, India, today to acknowledge her entry into adulthood — and her new entry into its world records. 

It is wonderful to celebrate my 18th birthday with a new world record; its like an added birthday present, said teary eyed cute Amge I feel grateful to be this size; after all, if I werent small and had not achieved these world records, I might never have been able to visit Japan and Europe, and many other wonderful countries.After receiving a plaque, she and her guests cut a birthday cake.
Guinness says in a statement Amge has grown less than one centimetre (0.4 inch) in the last two years and will grow no more due to a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia. The title of shortest woman in history continues to be held by Pauline Musters, who lived in the Netherlands from 1876 to 1895 and stood 61 centimeters (24 inches) tall.

As a teenager at school in Nagpur, Jyoti had her own small desk and chair, but said the other students didnt treat her any differently.

Weapons Made From Harmless Materials

Kyle Bean (previously featured here and here) recently published a series of photos of weapons made from harmless materials for a feature article centered around the topic of Guerilla Gardening and Yarn Bombing on CUT Magazine. Check out Kyle Bean’s portfolio on his website for more of his intriguing works.

China Launches Asias Largest Helicopter

China's largest-ever civil helicopter got certification from the civil aviation administration, the country's civil aviation authority.

The move marks the official approval for the 13-tonne AC313, Asia's largest helicopter, to enter the market, said the Aviation Industry Corp of China, which developed and manufactured the helicopter.

The aircraft focuses on designs of maintainability, life reliability, indemnification and life cycle efficiency, and meets international safety standards, underlining China's abilities in the research and development of large helicopters.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Rare Photos of Salman Khan

As Salman Khan turns a year older take a look at this collection of Salmans pictures with family, leading ladies and in some of his films.
You can either hate him or love him. Salman Khan is perhaps one of those celebs who stand out for his attitude, his spunk and versatility.

The year has been a mixed bag for the star. In the professional front, his movies were a hit, but he was plagued by disease this year.

He was to have flown to Dubai to ring in his birthday and celebrate New Year with his fans - but now, we hear he has decided to spend it with his family in Mumbai.

Salman is the ultimate entertainer - the box office numbers for Ready and Bodyguard prove it.

Heres a look at some of his rare photos.

Salman as Prem - one of his favourite screen names - and ours!

Salman is Prem in his debut movie with Bhagyasree.

Salman shares the sceen with Kajol.

Salman and Karisma - they made a lovely couple on screen!

Dropping the shirt became a rage after Salman did it.

His toned body made guys envious and girls swoon over him.

They looked good on screen - and off it too. But then, it wasnt meant to be real.

Salman with his little sister Arpita.

Look at Salman here - young and dashing!

A brief stint with law - Salman being shown the way.

Mamta Mohandas Marriage Photos

South Indian Actress, Singer Mamta Mohandas got married to her childhood friend Prajith Padmanabhan on December 28th, 2011.

The Best of RK Laxman Cartoons