Thursday, February 10, 2011

World’s Largest Container Ship

Emma Maersk is the largest container vessel in the world, built ever. The ship is one superb engineer outfit, which according to many specialists is not only a sign for power, but also very profitable utility for the company of Maersk Line, which had largest container fleet in the world.

Bigger than any Aircraft carrier. It carries 15,000 containers and has a crew of 13.

It was designed for Hight Sea travels only. And is unable tp negotiate the Suez or Panama canals.

The Tung Boats look like Toy Boats. It's 10 floors to the Command Bridge. 11 Cranes can load or unloaded the Ship at the same time.

The first Trip was with 13 Crew, The cost was $145,000,000 US.

Length - 1,302ft (396.85 meters)
Width - 207ft (63.1 meters)
Load Capacity - 123,200 Tons
Diesel Engine - 14 Cylinders in Line
Max. Power Output 108, 920 Metric HP
Top Speed - 31 Knots (55.80 km/h.

Also see a lot of picture of Emma Maersk Ships, Container, Engines.....

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